Water Project

Clean water is essential to life and health.  Many of the people we treat at our week-long clinics are suffering from water-borne illnesses.  The filter program consists of building and installing filters in people's homes, teaching families proper water sanitation and hygiene practices.  Follow-up is through the community organizations and continuing health education through the area and medical clinic programs.  The cost of the program is $100 per filter.  Each filter is capable of providing over 100,000 gallons of safe, disease-free water over its life.  The Biosand Water Filter Team is continuing to make improvements to the program and has increased the rate of production and installation to more than 25 filters per month.

Go to www.haitiwaterproject.org for more information.

                      First day of production at new facility in Jacmel, Haiti, May 2015

to see a video of the production facility click here: